Marsh Hill

Marshill Hill is a four bedroom accommodation located in Stockland Green, Birmingham.

We provide support packages from 3 hours per day with a sleep in staff member 7 days a week if necessary.

Marsh Hill is one of our accommodations with the capacity to house up to 4 vulnerable adults.

This is a semi-detached residential house, with support workers carrying out on-site calls throughout the day and also providing a sleep in during the evening. There is a downstairs toilet attached to the conservatory and an upstairs bath and separate toilet, a communal dining and living room area, a communal kitchen and a spacious garden, there is also a garage for Service Users storage.

This provision has capacity to provide 16 hours support a day and offers a minimum support package of 3 hours per day.

The address of this property is: 81 Marsh Hill, Stockland Green, Birmingham, B23 7DU.